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Charity Community Programme - Ikageng pre-primary crèche (a project of Child Welfare Midrand).


Ikageng pre primary creche Ikageng pre primary creche 01

The past few chilly days inevitably indicates what lies ahead for this coming winter. It was for this reason Hire All, a local construction equipment hiring company, decided to get an early start to their community charity programme.

This programme mainly involves the distribution of blankets in certain areas located across Gauteng. Ruan Smith, marketing manager of Hire All, said that these areas are located in the vicinity of specific Hire All branches. Hire All previously donated blankets to non-profitable organisations in Edenvale, Roodepoort, Langlaagte and recently in Ivory park, an extension of Tembisa.

It is in this area where the Ikageng crèche, a programme of Child Welfare's Midrand branch, operates from. This particular programme centres around a pre-primary crèche, which prepares young disadvantaged learners for school. They care, provide food and educate approximately 80 children from the exceptionally poor surrounding community. They have a dedicated staff consisting of a principle, four teachers, two cooks and a caretaker. This crèche is going for it's 23rd year.

The Ikageng pre-primary programme is only a part of what Child Welfare in Midrand does. Being part of the Child Welfare group, the largest non-government child protection organisation in South Africa, the Midrand branch takes on the responsibility of various programmes of which the Isolabantwana (eye on the children) and the Asibavikele (let's protect them) programme is a majour part of. The Isolabantwana programme focuses on child protection whilst the Asibavikele programme provides care and support to children orphaned and made vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS. They have well-over a 1000 children they attend ti in an area that stretches from Diepsloot to Thembisa.

Hire All was happy to donate a large amount of blankets to the value of R12,000.00 to this organisation. Hire All sincerely hopes that a few children may sleep warm this winter.

Should you wish to contact the Child Welfare Midrand, you can contact Joy Stewart on (011) 315 3522 or 072 970 4759. Her e-mail is: joy.stewart@cwmidrand.org

Website: http://www.childwelfaremidrand.org.za/


HIRE ALL's Charity Community Programme - Abraham Kriel Child Welfare.


akcw 01

Hire All, a construction equipment hiring company, chose the perfect day to donate a large amount of blankets to Abraham Kriel Childcare Campus in Langlaagte. Friday morning, 19th of April, was unexpectedly cold and considered by many as a reminder of what is to come this winter. It was for this reason that Hire All initially started their charity community programme.

akcw 02 akcw 03

According to Ruan Smith, Marketing Manager, Hire Alls’ project involves the donation of warm and much needed blankets to selected charities across Gauteng. “We decided on Abraham Kriel Childcare Campus, not only because they are fairly close to our Florida branch, but because of the impressive work they do”. “They care for more than a 100 children at this specific campus, but taking their other facilities and community services into account, this amount escalates to well over 1000.”

akcw 05

The blankets were well received, but their overall financial outlook for 2013 remains bleak without much needed monetary donations. Without much needed financial backing, servicing the community becomes a daunting task. Any donations, no matter how big or small, are most welcome. Annamart, Liaison officer for Abraham Kriel Childcare Campus, can be reached on (011) 839-3058.

Website: http://www.abrahamkriel.co.za/Afrikaans/index.php


HIRE ALL's Charity community programme - Compass.


Hire all donating blankets

Bare trees, chilly winds and longer nights can mean only one thing; winter is coming! This year the local predictions are leaning towards an icy cold winter. For this reason, Hire All, a national construction machine hiring company, decided to get an early start to its charity community programme.

This project mainly involves donating blankets to a few non-profitable organisations in selected areas across Gauteng. Hire All launched their project on the 18th of April in Edenvale, by donating 150 blankets to Compass.

Compass is the abbreviation for Community Provision & Social Service and was founded by Dr. Martin and Debbie, both pastors in the Christ Family Ministries Church, after the tragic loss of their son. Their mission was to help and reach as many children as possible regardless of race or religion. In addition, they provide refuge and shelter for mothers with children who’ve had to flee from dire circumstances, such as abuse, addiction or poverty.

Compass class Compass pre primary class

Susan Fouche, operations manager at Compass said that they also offer security and counselling. She continued by saying that these women receive very necessary rehabilitation and skills training, which empowers them to take care of themselves and their young ones.

Their babies or toddlers are well looked after during day time and receive the necessary attention and education. A non-profitable organisation such as Compass is solely dependent on donations. They drive an initiative called 'sponsor a child.' The Sponsor donates a certain amount to a child and is regularly updated with his development and education progression.

Compass class 01 Compass baby creche

Although they’ve seen some tough times in the past, especially when one of their centres burnt down in 2010, they are still dedicated to keeping their promise. Hire Alls’ blankets were well received in preparation for winter and will hopefully keep a mother and child warm and comfortable. Linda, Administrator Director at Compass, can be contacted on 073 292 1302 or linda@compass.org.za for more information.

Website: http://www.compass.org.za/